Oneness on FMR Records

We are happy to announce the release of our newest album « Oneness » with François Carrier, Michel Lambert and Rafal Mazur on FMR Records.

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Downtown Music Gallery

FRANCOIS CARRIER / MICHEL LAMBERT / ALEXEY LAPIN - Freedom is Space for the Spirit (FMR 425; UK) Featuring Francois Carrier on alto sax & Chinese oboe, Alexey Lapin on piano and Michel Lampert on drums. Recorded in St. Petersburg in May of 2014. The Quebec-based...

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Immediacy and richness

Jazz and Improvised Freedom Is Space for the Spirit - Francois Carrier; Michel Lambert; Alexey Lapin Written by Raul da Gama  Category: Jazz and Improvised Published: 27 February 2017   Freedom Is Space for the Spirit Francois Carrier; Michel Lambert; Alexey...

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Freedom Space Spirit

Francois Carrier, Freedom is Space for the Spirit, with Michel Lambert, Alexey Lapin Over the years I have greeted each new Francois Carrier album with an increasing sense of expectation. I have never been disappointed. And so it was when his Freedom is Space for the...

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Freedom Is Space For The Spirit By BUDD KOPMAN February 2, 2017 Saxophonist Francois Carrier had quite a week in late May of 2014. It began when he and his long-time percussionist Michel Lambert played with bassist John Edwards and pianist Steve Beresford at...

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Mystery of Creation

The Joy Of Being By BUDD KOPMAN February 1, 2017 Continuing their world travels, the team of reedman Francois Carrier and percussionist Michel Lambert again meet acoustic bassist Rafal Mazur, almost a year to the day from the recording of Unknowable at the Alchemia...

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Spontaneous Jazz

OUTgoing By BUDD KOPMAN January 31, 2017 In the realm of Western music, the role of the performer has been rather circumscribed. In Classical music, the composer is king and the range of "allowed" expression rather limited. For most of its history, jazz performers...

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François Carrier / Michel Lambert / Rafal Mazur: “The Joy of Being” (NoBusiness) Rui Eduardo Paes Grande parte das informações que nos chegam quanto ao que vão fazendo músicos de jazz e improvisadores do Canadá vêm por via da actividade destes nos EUA ou com músicos...

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Freedom is Space for te Spirit Canadlan alto saxophonist François Carrier and drummer Michel Lambert went to Russia four times over the last six years to play their melodic abstract music with St. Petersburg-based pianist Alexey Lapin. They released their first...

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Now on NoBusiness Records

THE JOY OF BEING NOW on NoBusiness Records An improvising trio who've got a familiar structure, but a great sound of their own – as the lineup features Rafal Mazur on an acoustic bass guitar, which creates some very unique moments alongside the tenor of Francois...

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