FRANCOIS CARRIER / STEVE BERESFORD / JOHN EDWARDS / MICHEL LAMBERT – OUTgoing (FMR 400; UK) Featuring Francois Carrier on alto sax & Chinese oboe, John Edwards on bass and Michel Lambert on drums plus Steve Beresford added on piano for the second half. Francois Carrier and Michel Lambert are from Quebec and have worked together for many years with more than a dozen discs of duos, trios and other groupings, with fellow Canadians and assorted international collaborators. This disc was recorded at the Vortex in London in May or 2014, adding busy British bassist John Edwards plus pianist Steve Beresford added on the second half. Since Mr. Carrier and Mr. Lambert have worked together for so long, they often sound relaxed and focused, no matter how far they go. Mr. Edwards fits perfectly in between the two, his bass often connecting the two spirits as one solid force. I like that the trio calm down to some swell, slow-burning improv. When the trio are joined by Steve Beresford’s piano, things getter even better as Mr. Beresford adds a number of unexpected twists, odd lines and fascinating interjections. Sometimes calm, sometimes explosive but always demanding. There are a number of dream-like sections that I felt helped to keep things well-balanced. Excellent.

December 25th 2015 – Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG