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– Oui, triple bonheur de ce qui s’apparente à la perfection du Beau. Un Chef-d’œuvre !
La Gazette Bleue • 15 jan 2024

– Vamos a explorar estas fascinantes obras musicales que seguramente te dejarán una impresión duradera.
Tiempo de Jazz • 2 de enero de 2024

– Devant tant de jouvence et d’alégresse, vous me voyez ravi, rassasié, éberlué, conquis , comme si j’avais traversé le miroir d’Alice. Félicitations à Maciej Karlowski et à François Carrier pour cette publication inattendue !
Jean-Michel Van Shouwburg • 3 novembre 2023

– Each moment becomes a moment of grace. One gives himself body and soul, unconditionally, without compromise.
The Free Jazz Collective • 30 octobre 2023

– They finally hit the jackpot in Berlin.
Tom Hull,⎪December 28,2022

– After a good number of listens I am happy to report in on this one of Carrier’s very best, a milestone and a bellwether of why Francois is one of the very best and most lucid of free sax players today. Do not miss this one!.
Gapplegate Music Review⎪December 13, 2022

– We’re talking about a great free jazz-based work, like the kind of work Coltrane did in his later years or the kind of work Coltrane would have done if he had lived a little longer.
MIC⎪December 12th, 2021

– そのエフェメラルなサウンドの推移は美しい。なにより、フランソワの切れの良いアルト(キャノンボールの愛用品)が、ぐんぐんと迫ってくる。
JazzTokyo⎪December 4th, 2021

Throughout, Carrier displays the improvisatory skills which saw him elected to Downbeat readers’ poll as one of their favourite alto saxophonists; the fluidity of his soloing makes it sound effortless.
AllAboutJazz⎪December 2nd, 2021

– But even though it is Carrier who characterizes the recording, he serves brilliant alto saxophone playing, which oozes creativity and confidence.
salt peanuts*⎪December 2nd, 2021

It is a triumphant performance from first-to-last.
Gapplegate Music Review⎪June 1st, 2021

– One standout passage arrives towards the close of “Kacho-Fugetsu (Flower, Bird, Wind, Moon),” when Carrier explodes to transform a sequence of quiet muttering into a stratospheric squall.
AllAboutJazz⎪by Jason Sharpe⎪December 27, 2020

– Plus qu’une rencontre, c’est une osmose. Une grande et belle leçon d’humanité !
La Gazette Bleue⎪Alain Flèche⎪Sep 25, 2020

– The journey concerns the path of sound that penetrates and transcends seasons, styles, norms. It magically tells (magic is art) the story of rhythm. Of life.
MIC⎪Greece⎪August 8, 2020

– Consistently extremely high in abstract purity in which hard experimental colours and the taste of emotional romance are integrated.
Catfish Records⎪Japan⎪August 2020

– The music is exploratory and continuously evolving as it proceeds, successfully accomplishing its purpose.
Music and More⎪USA⎪March 09,  2020

– they’re demonstrating an innovative point of view, masterful virtuosity, splendid playing technique and exclusive musical language. This album is another one great example of collaboration between four impressive jazz masters.
AvantScena⎪USA⎪August 28, 2019

– The elements exposed throughout are high quality musicianship coupled with limitless inspiration.
Ken Waxman⎪JazzWord⎪August 23, 2019

– Out of Silence” is the masterpiece of the Carrier-Lambert duo!
Maciej LewensteinSpain⎪24 Deceber 2018

– The primitivism of the improvisations often alternates with extreme sophistication both feed the music’s dynamic impulse all of which results in a novelty of language that is so impressive it borders on extreme genius.
Raul da Gamajazzdagama⎪August 28, 2018

– Out of Silence (both the track and the disc as a whole) is brave, audacious and sometimes uncomfortably exposing – but it is also joyous and freeing at a deeply profound level. Only two artists at the peak of their talent, insight and skill could produce a project of such gravitas and complexity.
Lesley Mitchell-ClarkeTheWholeNote⎪Mars 28, 2018

– Carrier’s tone is extraordinarily beautiful for a free jazz performance. Such is the imperturbable sound of a self-possessed musician.
Marc Corrotoall•about•jazz⎪November 17, 2017

– In sum this is world-class free jazz. You probably owe it to yourself to check it out closely. It is a real kicker!
Greg Edwardsgapplegatemusic⎪July 6th 2017

– Mi ripeto: arte musicale astratta allo stato puro.
Ettore GarziaPercosri Musicali ⎪8 Febbraio 2017

– Music made in the moment where time and space have collapsed. Breathtaking.
Budd Kopmanall•about•jazz2017-02-02

– Montreal-based musicians alto saxophonist François Carrier and drummer Michel Lambert have played together and been inseparable for so long that their knowledge and understanding of each other’s instincts verge on the telepathic.
John EylesThe Suid’s Ear2016-06-30

OUTgoing takes the listener to a bevy of new places and showcases an astonishing amount of inventiveness.
Chris RobinsonMoment’s Notice, Point of Departure⎪Mars 2016

– Selected in the Alto Saxophone category for the Eight Annual International Critic’s Poll of el intruso.
el intruso ⎪January 2016

– un cri d’amour au cosmos, aux mystères de la création, au pur plaisir d’exister
David CristolImprojazz 221⎪Janvier 2016

– this is a very impressive piece of music captured for eternity on record and deserves to be heard by all Improvised Music connoisseurs.
Adam BaruchThe Soundtrack Of My Life⎪Dec. 17th 2015

– il loro jazz oggi è troppo avanzato rispetto alla media delle proposte canadesi e troppo sbilanciato nella situazione elitaria della nuova musica improvvisativa, elementi che di fatto ne hanno incomprensibilmente bloccato il loro potenziale di espansione conoscitiva.
Ettore GarziaPercosri Musicali ⎪26 Luglio 2015

– The real star here is the music, in all its freedom and beauty.
Stef GijsselsThe FreeJazz Collective⎪June 28, 2015

– You can almost hear him listening (if that’s possible).
Mark CorrotoAll About Jazz ⎪June 26, 2015

– It’s a real dialogue, played with both freedom and focus.
John FordhamThe Guardian⎪Thursday 28 May 2015

– … a group that has almost telepathic unity that allows for the use of dynamics that shapes this excellent and exhausting album.
Tim Niland⎪Music and More⎪September 18, 2014

– The trio is a formidable match of like-minded musicians. This is music of great beauty.
Stef GijsselsThe FreeJazz Collective⎪September 12, 2014

– Overground to the Vortex documents an intriguingly protean session, inchoate despite the power and lucidity of the player’s individual contributions and their edgy interplay.
Dalston Sounds⎪London⎪June 20, 2014

– This is some free improvisation to define the medium today. This is art! It’s also one of their very best! Listen and be convinced.
Greg Edwardsgapplegatemusic⎪July 7,  2014

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