***** Wide FMR Recoirds FMRCD556 François Carrier
(as); Michel Lambert (dr); Tomek Gadecki (ts);
Marcin Bożek (b, French h). May 2018.


The giants of kind free jazz encounter the giants of the Polich post-Coltrane free jazz. There is a lot of tension in the air, and the proximity effect seems to take place. Another new aspect is the Marcin ‘plays also a French horn and he does it phenomenally. Finally, the performance, recorded live at Mózg ib Bydgoszcz, is not from this world. They start with 23 minutes long “Wide”, on which Marcin starts in a duo with François on the French horn. As I said, as soon as Tomek enters on tenor, the proximity effect occurs: Michel starts to drift from kind free jazz towards free jazz. His drumming becomes more expressive and powerful. In contrast, when the two saxophones meet a while later, it is Tomek, who adapts the rules of kind free jazz, and so on. These tensions and adaptations occur all the time, making the music unpredictable and, thus, extremely interesting. “Radiancy” is shorter, lasts “only” about ten minutes, but is equally magisterial. It is a slower track with a wonderfully slow and a reflexive conversation of the saxophones that again travels from the kind free jazz to free jazz land in the course of time. Finally, 32-minute long “Leeway”, un unquestionable highlight with plenty of changing moods, drums solo, saxophones duo, and the phenomenal support of the section: Michel and Marcin. Beautiful album mixing the free and avantgarde music genres in a unique and wonderful way!!!

by Maciej Lewenstein