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As you probably know, I’ve been travelling the world for several years to play my jazz and improvised music concerts.

I am now asking for your support in order to realize many other upcoming artistic projects.

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Yes, but why?

The funds raised will allow me to finance my creation projects, production of new albums (vinyl) and future  musical tours. This money will also be used to hire musicians as well as for the graphic design and the publishing of a long-awaited photo book of my recent musical wanderings.

Who am I ?

Truly creative, deeply intuitive, visionary, totally inhabited by the arts, always amazed and eternal optimistic, I am so grateful for being alive and well. 

« – You can’t imagine what happens in about 100 minutes and four long tracks. We’re talking about a big free jazz-based work, like the kind Coltrane did in his later years or the kind Coltrane would have done had he lived a little longer. Really important recording that you should definitely pay attention to even if you don’t listen to this kind of stuff (then you might start to care), since there’s a war going on. A storm of tones, rhythms, contrasts, harmonic phrases that complete the language of the music. No small thing. »

MIC⎪December 12, 2021 by Anastasios Babatzia

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Francois Carrier in Montreal

François in Montreal, 2022

Make your choice

10 $ – a digital download

20 $ – a CD of your choice (if available)  → Shop

50 $ – personalized cell phone ringtone

100 $ – sheet music catalog of previous compositions

150 $ – written thank you in next album to be released

250 $ – collection of 18 different CDs

500 $ – private solo concert

1,000 $ – private duet concert

1,500 $ – private trio concert

2,000 $ – become an official sponsor

$,000 $– any donation would be greatly appreciates !!!


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What to expect of me

Release of a new  album (vinyl) Studio Recording expected in May 2025.

Release of a new  album (vinyl) recorded Live in japan expected in September 2024.

Photo book of my recent wanderings. I want to share the images that strike me during my musical tours around the world, the visual impressions that inspire and inhabit my music during the concerts that I present in these cities, these extraordinary encounters that we find in each of my 40 CDs available on

Composing a repertoire of new musical pieces that I will use during concerts with different musical ensembles, which will add a new dimension to my repertoire and diversify its scope.

Organize concert tours in Europe and Asia. Find broadcasters, make agreements, book transportation and accommodation, etc.

My Goal?


  • Amount collected 37% 37%

Thank you to my generous donors :

Michael Stone ● Jacques Fortier ● Brigitte Beaulieu ● Édith Fortier ● Jean-Claude Fortier ● Yves Carrier ● Jean-Pierre Marcil ● Paola Silva ● Julia Alva ● Stéphane Muhlhausen ● Azamit ● Fritz Josée Lamontagne ● Jean-Pierre Guay ● Nikos Monastiriotis ● Éric Le Ménédeu ● Restaurant Mile-End ● Nikos Papagianopoulos ● Mirko Laflamme Paola Laflamme Uwe Neumann Ayden Malik Chapleau Laroche Opticiens Ségolène Roederer ● Olivier Chevillot ● Philippe Arsenault ● Claude Martin ● Italo Camerino ● Thérèse Carrier

All this because…

I simply wish to pursue my vocation as a musician, composer and improviser.

Thank you all for your support!

François Carrier

Francois Carrier with Dries Van Noten Hat

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