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Francois Carrier / Tomek Gadecki / Marcin Bozek / Michel Lambert – Wide (FMR, 2019)



Recorded live on May 24, 2018 at MÓZG in Byrgoszcz, Poland, this is a recording of a thrilling free jazz concert with Francois Carrier on alto saxophone, Tomek Gadecki on tenor saxophone, Marcin Bozek on bass and french horn and Michel Lambert on drums. The music is very well recorded and presented, with the two saxophonists trading massive squalls of sound along side excellent bass and drums with Bozek acting as a wild card adding interjections on french horn. Their whole set unfolds beautifully like a flower in the springtime, revealing the passion for music and improvisation that the musicians have. Carrier and Gadecki make an excellent front line, and the contrasting tones of their individual instruments are ideal for creating shades of light and darkness and bold swathes of color. Three lengthy compositions allow them to explore the nature of improvisation at great length, beginning with the twenty-three minute track “Wide” which really sets things up for the group, who are clearly playing at a very high level. The level of intricate interplay between the instruments here and on the shorter “Radiancy” is very impressive with the sounds of the band flowing very naturally whether they are playing the harshest free jazz or the most spacious interludes. The concluding track “Leeway” in particular evolves episodically with a determined narrative presented by the musicians, complete with sections for spontaneous melody, slashing free improvisation and cells for quieter contemplation. Using a cohesive melding of modern jazz and free improvisation, the trio is able to develop an album that has both spontaneous and interconnected playing. The group develops a dynamic sound, characterized by constant change, but still remains accessible with the musicians in full support of one another. The music is exploratory and continuously evolving as it proceeds, successfully accomplishing its purpose.