Being With


music entirely improvised by:
Véronique Dubois- voices
François Carrier – alto and soprano saxophones, nepali flute, objects
Studio recording in Montreal, Canada in 2010
Sound and mastering by François Carrier
Produced by François Carrier



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“To listen to the music contained in Being With is to witness moments when the two sounds – Francois Carrier’s horn and Véronique Dubois’ voice – are indistinguishable from one another. When me becomes we. When the aims of the individual melt away, and the success of the pairing becomes of primary concern. Such moments are rare enough in human relations; musically they are a pre- cious commodity indeed.”

L’album “Being With” est un dialogue entre la voix et le saxophone où la créativité et l’expression personnelle se côtoient et s’harmonisent. Une rencontre audacieuse entre Véronique Dubois, chanteuse lyrique d’originaire Suisse et François Carrier, saxophoniste, compositeur et improvisateur.

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Dimensions20 × 20 × 2 cm


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