Jazz at Fundacja Sluchaj

Review of “Nirguna” with Francois Carrier, Alexander Hawkins, John Edwards, Michel Lambert


One of the albums that really made me want to listen to anything this label releases is the recording of a truly incredible quartet of Francois Carrier (saxophone), Alexander Hawkins (piano), John Edwards (bass) and Michel Lambert (drums). You can’t imagine what happens in about 100 minutes and four long tracks. We’re talking about a big free jazz-based work, like the kind Coltrane did in his later years or the kind Coltrane would have done had he lived a little longer. Really important recording that you should definitely pay attention to even if you don’t listen to this kind of stuff (then you might start to care), since there’s a war going on. A storm of tones, rhythms, contrasts, harmonic phrases that complete the language of the music. No small thing.

MIC, December 12, 2021 by Anastasios Babatzia