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Carrier, Lambert, Edwards at jazzahead! 2022 

Bremen Improvisation 1, 2 and 3

François Carrier alto sax

Michel Lambert drums

John Edwards acoustic bass

Audio: Radio Bremen

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Elements is a recent album with François Carrier on alto sax, John Edwards on acoustic bass and Michel Lambert on drums. − photos by Igor Petaros, Jože Požrl and François Carrier − videos by Gus Iyouvid and François Carrier − video editing by François Carrier − sound by Jeff Ardron − live recording at l’Klectik Art Lab, The House Improv Music, London, UK on May 31, 2016 album available at : − − © ℗ 2019 FMR Records / ColyaKooMusic

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This Trio was formed by Canadian saxophonist François Carrier, drummer Michel Lambert and Russian pianist Alexey Lapin by the suggestion of Leo Feigin (company owner Leo Records, UK). Right after their first Russian tour they released three albums (“In Motion” and “Inner Spire” on LeoRecords and “All Out” on FMR). This Russian Trilogy received wide resonance from Jazz Journalists around the world.

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Interesting! There seems to be new phrasing, mixed in with some distorted bursts like Coltrane, with a happy variety of colors and rhythms. And I like the bass, very present in HIS note, giving a tonal foundation for this whirlwind. And Michel, irreplaceable, frankly happy, in a contagious joy. In short, good FREE JAZZ!

(É.F. June 2014)

Here is an insane 15 minutes free jazz piece played during our Russian tour @ JFC Jazz Club in St-Petersburg on April 30th 2013 with François Carrier on alto saxophone, Michel Lambert on drums and Alexey Lapin on piano.  A 3 CD Box Set of the four russian concerts should be released in early 2014. ℗ 2013 ColyaKooMusic/SOCAN. Sound recording by Alexey Lapin, Film by Valera Godzhalo.